I have the web site in place. It's got good SEO. Keywords on the pages, links are optimized, everything is ready.

How do I go about getting a search engine to recognize it (google) and how do I get a higher search engine positioning with it?

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Basically you need to learn basic SEO. Read this thread.

I paid a subbmission company to get my website to search engines. my website is << url snipped >>, if type << keyword snipped >> on google we come up a few times in the top ten. but you will still have to submit your site to alot of free ad places. i use this company.

You can try to buy text links to help the spider recognize it faster.

He Andrew.

Acquiring some inbound links from other websites will help get your site indexed quickly. As for ranking, that depends on how competitive your key phrases are, but again inbound links will help.

If the site is brand new, I wouldn't discourage yourself by checking your rankings in Google. It's going to take a while to rank well in that particular engine.

If you want some initial encouragement, I recommend checking MSN / Live search. You'll see your site begin to rank there long before Google.

Hope that helps.

Find out the backlinks of the related sites and submit yrs for links. Forums like this also will be helpful in indexing the site faster. Submit the site to major and valuable directories.

I read once that posting your website in forum signature, writting articles and links exchange could attract visitors and even spider bots :)

Ofcourse yes, links in Forum sigs hv good effect. When it comes to reciprocal try to do it with relevant site instead of something not even remotely related. Again article if it with rich content will have more effect.

Forum links don't really have a major effect other then getting some low value links to jumpstart the process. They're better for getting humans being to visit your website then for SEO really.

Reciprocal links are virtually dead. Google has devalued them to the point of worthlessness. Especially if the site is offtopic. Go for one way links every time. Only take a reciprocal link if it is from a larger competitor.

And articles are a waste of time. They get no traction from the search engines and the duplicate content is weeded out by Google making them worthless to them. Plus this strategy usually requires writing short articles quickly. These articles tend to be of low quality and are useful to nobody. These will never help you out even if you keep them an exclusive on your own website as they won't attract links. If you choose to take the article path write high quality articles and make them an exclusive on your website. If they're really good they will be link bait. Now those links are the ones you really want.

Hi Viko,
I really appreciate yr explanation. Now a days getting relevant links are very tough. However, its available most of them asking for link exchange or paid listings.

I really find it difficult to get oneway links for my clients. If I send ten mails, I am getting one links from relevant site. Sometime I wont get even that one. Now people are also not liking to submit to directories eventhough I suggest them to go for some major directories. In these circumstances how is it possible to get relevant oneway links?.

The situation is getting bad to worst that most of them are switching to either reciprocal or paid listings. What do you think, is it possible to get one way links in the future. Even when I go thru competitors links not many of them are relevant one way links, most of them are reciprocal or paid.

I shall appreciate yr suggestion abt getting one way relevant links


well, im starting a hosting website and some file search and it is hard to get linked in other sites. I have just added some link exchanges into my webpage (hope they help) but this looks like a long term for the website to get rank since I aint got cash for a paid listing. However try to signup for free file directories and see how it works, ill be writting some articles such as my essay of "what does security really means" and that kind of articles i hope people like.
I have seen some websites which people write articles for a link exchange maybe thats a good idea, i mean link to other pages as people write articles on yours, the idea is to get users and articles can bring clients at least to the article page, but no promisses against winning clients.
Yep, one way relevant links are hard to get if you have no cash, but what you really should want is to attract users enter at least one page on your site in which you have one banner to get a revenue AT LEAST. Ranking for me is the last thing, but be sure to use at least some reciprocal website linking not just pray to god so other users may enter your website, i mean bring up ideas.
Well my ideas that maybe can help your business grow which i hope are: giving a limited banner free service (webhosting in my case), writting articles so banners get at least printed, give powerfull discounts as low as you can get while your service works, and create more domains if you got that capacity and give an interesting service and print banners to your own services but dont let users know it is yours until they get to know.... well im trying that i just started this december but lets take a look what happens in 3 months :) hope i get to rank.
Look at this idea of mine, im starting an "sponsorship program" in which I will pay the domain name and the hosting (everything hehehe) for users that have a potential webpagec hits on their websites posting one banner for revenue to me and a link to my site (one way link) PLUS ill pay 50% of the revenue the website gets on banners after paying the domain and hosting expenses, but if they dont get to pay the expenses no problem im going to pay them.
Hehehe well but im a high school student what crazy ideas can you expect from me :) hehehe, but look for that kinda crazy discounts and see how it gets to work.

I shall appreciate yr suggestion abt getting one way relevant links

Create high quality unique content. This is the best way to get on-topic one way links to your pages. This is also known as link baiting but I prefer to call it "how you should be doing things". Webmasters do not want to link to sites that are just like everyone else, or worse, has unoriginal content. They want to link to sites that they consider high quality as they feel it serves their users better and it makes them look good for doing it. Sites that have unique high quality content are the ones that typically do well in the search engines over time because they get the unsolicited one way links and they deserve to be there because they are the better website.

Hi Viko, Thanks for the piece of yr mind.

youre more than welcomed :) happy to hear at least somebody actually listens to my ideas... hehehehe sorry, my "business partners" think im just foolling around just wanting to be with my girlfriend and when I come up to an idea like that I have to do it by myself because they ignore me as it is not so good idea... but hey havent heard any idea from them so :D i should start first

Hi Viko,
I dont think yr partners are teasing you, on the contrary they try to extract valuable ideas from you by doing like this.

O.K. now tell me links from the foll has any real value?
-posting to Digg, Backflip, Blinklist, Blogmemes, del.icio.us, Furl, Jots, Linkroll Looklater, ma.gnolia, Maple, Markaboo, Rawsugar, Shadows, Simpy, Spurl, Wink .

Have you tried and got anything worth ?.


You need to study on SEO tactics and tips, so that you can do some backlink building for your site, and help it gain a good PR.

Back links helps your site get more traffic. In order to do that, engaging on the following strategies helps:

- article submissions
- blog commenting
- classified ads
- directory submissions
- forum posting
- link exchange
- press release
- online groups
- social media and networking
- social bookmarking

You can always add backlinks everyday for your site. The more backlinks you have the higher you can rank in your keywords provided that you have researched the perfect ones related to your site.

You can try to buy text links to help the spider recognize it faster.

Buying link is not the right tactic for generating traffic and also not recommended. Try to make natural resources by applying ethical promotional strategy for your website.

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