Before starting search engine optimization process for the website, it is very important to make website Search Engine Optimization friendly. Making web site user friendly as well as Search engine friendly includes a few simple steps.
• Make it simple
• Organize website
• Avoid Javascript and images
• Avoid scrolling
But can you tell what is white hat SEO according to your knowledge.

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white hat seo is something which google cannot catch , almost all known seo techniques goes for a toss every six months , when google update their search algorithms.

But can you tell what is white hat SEO according to your knowledge.

Did you actually take the time to read what you wrote? Looks like something some third world content replicator would puke out.

And your question. What in the world has it to do with your post? The only answer that any human being on the planet could give would be: yes. In fact, according to anyone's knowledge they can tell anything.

White Hat SEO is doing SEO which adheres to the guideliens published by search engines. For example creating doorway pages, keyword stuffing, invisible text is not white hat and goes into black hat techniques. There are certain areas which fall in grey hat as there is not clear opinion on whether it is permissable or not as per the search engine guidelines.

What are some of the gray areas? I'm just curious.

IMO, the Search Engine Friendly Design should follow the web standards.

Naturally. Plus i've always been taught that the white words on a white background (invisible text) is more unethical than illicit. I just think a good discussion topic would be to ask ourselves to define what is off limits when it comes to internet marketing. Where do we draw the line?

Personally i keep all the internet marketing that i do very ethical and strictly to most guidelines. For this reason i avoid keyword stuffing, invisible text, and other black hat techniques like you were saying above. I'm curious to see where others draw their lines? I won't judge - i really am curious! haha

I think Google Webmaster Guidelines shows the best ways to create the Search Engine Friendly Design. If you do according to those guidelines you don't have to worry about anything anymore.

yes, you just refer google webmasters to make your website search engine friendly.

What are some of the gray areas? I'm just curious.

Grey hat techniques are those where there is no clear definition of right or wrong. Paid links for example can be considered grey hat. So can be duplicate content.

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