At least a few times a month I get asked various questions about myself why a search engine ranking looks the way it does.

For example, someone might ask me how they can influence the description and/or title that Google gave their website in their search engine ranking. But easily the most prominent question is "what are those links that show up under some #1 ranking? How can I get those?"

Well, I think it is time to introduce you to a great little video featuring Google's own Matt Cutts in November 2007. The video is an excellent section by section walkthrough of what you know as a search engine ranking but Google calls a snippet. Enjoy!


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To be frank, None of your questions make any sense to me. If you can explain clearly what exactly you are looking for maybe I can answer those questions.

What do you mean when you said "what are those links that show up under some #1 ranking? How can I get those?"

Were you talking about all those important links (like contact page, download page, home page etc) that are displayed for all those famous websites which occupy the first rank for some high-competed keywords in Google SERPs?


He just wanted to share a video, but the video link don't exists in his post. And i think he also not there in the forum.

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