Have a favourite search engine? This may replace it.

Its a search aggregator and it searches many engines for you.

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Looks new to me. Well, let me try this first...

It doesnt seem to recognize characters like " ' " (China's stuff) so if your gonna do a search like that,leave all the extra stuff out. (Chinas stuff)

Great idea! It won't replace my favorite search engine, but I might use it time to time. ;)

Hmmnn....not powerful as google.

Sorry, but I am not impressed at all..even Cuil is better than it.

Google is Google...

It takes time before they can compete well with google.

commented: Exactly... +2

thanks..i will try this...but the most powerful SE is GOOGLE...

Thanks Flashcreations...but the search enging yuo've posted is like google..

Exactly, but try it, it really works. Actually now I believe they're doing some maintenance. When it's back up, try it. It actually works!!!

i never heard of it.i think i can't compare it to google.but let me try it first.

i dont think its more accurate than google

Its good but, Google is the best. It cannot replace my favorite search engine.

i think its intresting but not better then google

Some one says.........

Google is GoD

Could not impress me at all.

Saw it, used it, but wide page format or something didn't impress me much.

http://soogle.exofire.net is really cool!!! It searches for freeware!!!!!!!

You are suggesting a site which is giving "404 - Not Found" error.

http://soogle.exofire.net is really cool!!! It searches for freeware!!!!!!!

This is also a good search engine. Thanks for sharing this one dude.

i love google bcoz of quality i never found any search engine.

I don't think this will replace my habbit of running to google for anything and everything, for reasons stated : A single search engine provides you so much information about whatever you need that seeping through that itself is an ardous task, in that too Google mostly dishes out whatever you want in the first five links itself. Second, so much information more often than not overwhelms you. Another reason is I think it would be in the most rarest of the rare case that one would require the services of multiple such engines.

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