For higher ranking in Search results you need a good SEO. For best ranking purpose you can do following.
Meta tag optimization
Article Submission
Social Bookmarking
Free press release
Forum posting
Blogging on relevant blogs
Directory Submission in niche categories

* article submission
* forum posting
* directory submission
* blog
* on line community
* press release
*social networking
* link exchange
* Social bookmarking

Don’t always focus on major keywords, the most important keywords for your industry will be highly competitive and very difficult to rank highly for. When you start off try to rank for some less competitive keywords and longer phrases.

As you get more comfortable with SEO you can then optimize for some of the more sought after keywords. The current lingo for this type of longer keyword is 'long-tail key phrases'.

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Onpage Optimization tips:
1. Keyword research and Analysis
2. Doc type Analysis
3. Optimization of title tags of all important pages
4. Optimization of other Meta tags (Description etc…)
5. Optimization of header tags H1, H2, and H3
6. Analysis of bold tag
7. Optimizing JavaScript and CSS codes
8. Optimization of non index able attributes like Frames
9. Optimizing HTML Source Code
10. Image optimization
11. Hyperlink Optimization
12. Optimizing internal linking structure (Navigation)
13. Optimization of external Links
14. Broken links analysis & correction
15. W3c Validation

Off page Optimization:

1. Directory Submission
2. Article submission
3. Social bookmaking
4. Forum posting
5. Blog Creations
6. Blog Posting
7. Press Release submission
8. RSS Feed Directory submission
9. Local Classifieds Add

Hi, here is my tip:

You have to make sure that your account is active by posting new keyword rich articles, blogging and social networking, etc.
And SEO is an everyday task..


To be more competitive, make sure that you check if the sites offer "do follow" or " no follow" links.

All the above posts are right.

I think you should also look into Video Marketing

YouTube has become the second largest search engine after google so I think companies should start looking into this

Update your site regular or one time in month because Google like a update

Do On page optimization much effectively, Then only you can do effective off page optimization.

Wow everything is definitely helpful. I will surely follow all the information that I got. i am doing do follows, article writing, publishing and blogging right now. I am really new at this. But I will try and learn this SEO thingy.

follow ur competitors links and put your links where you see your competitors have links

chose weird words and use typos

report paid links of your competitors

This is what I do:
1. Proper KW research
2. Quality Content
3. On page SEO
4. Quality Backlinks

As per my knowledge you send your site to as many user

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The Meta Tag Trifecta, the three hit combo, the three stooges of SEO, the three basic prinicpals of onpage optimization. Its easy, its quick, and its something everyone can do (at a low cost) to optimize thier web pages.

1) URL

2) Title Tag

3) Header Tag

Hello Friends,

There are following tips which we used for SEO!!!!
1- On Page Optimization
2- Social Bookmarking
3- Article Submission- In my opinion its a very good techniques to increase the traffic and ranking for our website, i think lots of people make a article submission and leave it but when u get a approved link for article then u hav to start the bookmarking and posting for that article link.

I am getting lots of traffic and best ranking by using this methodology.

Getting trusted link from trusted website and put quality content and update your site or blog regularly

5 valuable tips for SEO

1. Include your website in Yahoo search
2. Include your website in Yahoo sponsored search
3. Make proper use of Meta tags
4. Use of Keywords
5. Quality of Content

Perform keyword research.... This is a very important step in your SEO campaign, before you even begin. Thoroughly research all keywords you may want to use – this can make a huge difference in your strategy.. Don’t compete for single keywords.. Research your competition. It’s always good to know what the competition is up to, including what they are doing on their website, where they are getting links, etc.

Well all these methods are useful in link building but I want to suggest you to keep more attention on blog commenting (dofollow blogs), and directory submission(of high pagerank).

Google just love inbound links - links to other websites linking to yours. Basically better page rank link to your website that the link is better. Google is one way that the more "powerful" websites have links within your more "powerful" look at your website is looking.
Another important tip to remember about the links in your link is the use keywords. Those are much better than simple links. Example - if you make a link like instead of wallpaper is a site, you name linked within your site that can create 3D abstract wallpaper.

There are many tips on SEO such as-

1) Submit your website in google, Yahoo and other search engines and open directory.
2) Submit articles in the top sites that have high page rank
3) Choose proper keywords so that they might be effective
4) Social Bookmarking also helps SEO

That succesfull on the search engines, you need to have a strategy witha mix of techniques, including social media marketing, link building, Directory Submissions, article marketing and press release submission. Repeat these steps for a year and you stand a good chance to get the highest rank 5 Whatever the competition on keywords.

According to my mind,
# Never ever copy others' contents
# Come up with your own ideas
Because Content is still king..

Other than the entire on page and off page techniques, you should generate new ideas to get more results. SEO is a very vast field and some limited strategies are not enough to go ahead. There are lots of techniques like social bookmarking, article submission, forum posting, blog commenting, directory submission, RSS, podcasting, email marketing, video marketing etc but the valuable thing is how to handle or use these activities to get what type of results.

Hello,i think seo is a process that involves manipulation of a website using a variety of optimization methods to make the site search engine friendly in order to get a good ranking in search results search engine. Taking classes online SEO may be your first step to achecining success for your website.

Forum posting, relevant Blog comment and profile link building is best way from which you can get quality backlinks.

Although all the tips are very good...thanks to all. But one more thing is necessary that is reputation management as the websites are the online identity of the business.

On Page techniques
Relevant title
Good quality description
Relevant meta tags
Image optimization
301 redirect
Robot.exe file

Off page optimization
Social bookmarking
Directory submission
Blog posting
Article submission
Forum posting
Link wheel
Classified ads

I follow 3 methods to improve ranking to my website such as Blog posting, Forum posting, Article submission. I have got good result by following these steps.

This is really interesting thread. There are many tips regarding which we can learn. I must agree regarding copied content problem .The content of site should be unique and meaningful. Thanks for sharing this useful information. Take care.

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