I've been in the PTC industry for more than 2 years, ever since adbux.org and bux.to...Till 2 months back i was a member in TAketheglobe.com, neobux.com, smithbux.com, etc. etc. etc but haven't been online for quite long due to my exams..
I'd like to know if someone can redirect me to any new PTC site which is expected to be legit for atleast a month because i've lost touch of this industry...Please give the name only if its not more than 2 weeks old... Any help would be appreciated :)
Thanks :)

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most of them cheaters dont invest in these sites

Thnx both of you'll for the Replies.. :)

Hey I've Just launched PtcKing.com and its legit as legit gets. Do check us out :)


Now I am working in a good website with good team members. Our team members are well trained in paid to click, paid to read, paid to signup, paid to discussion, paid to promote, blog posting, and forum posting. We also teach other all those things.

hi, brothers, i am not interesting about any ptc because total time lose because very low rate.

Ewbux is a cheating site. I have invested some dollars when i was in their team. They gave some 130% of that amount. But after I came out of that team they didn't gave me the remaining amount. They will give the amount only for the earningwing team members.

I think that PTC has low rates and conversions. Are other better ways of monetization.

I think there are some good ones here.

Does PTC sites really work :)

Neobux is not only legit but the largest and best ptc site in the world. Bux.to is 100% scam and the rest gone.
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