how do you create a traffic in your blog to generate more clicks and earn bucks? any ideaas will do. thank you.

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Contribute really great content to your blog on a very frequent basis. Hard work gets rewarded.

great!! thanks :)

Pay-per-click advertising paid for online advertising. You choose keywords or phrases that you want to find and pay a predetermined amount each time someone clicks on your ad and visits your site. On the Google search results, PPC ads generally appear on the right side of the screen as sponsored links but also sometimes function directly above organic listings.

you try link exchange, I hope you improve Traffic.

Every time I post on my blog, I share on: Facebook, Twitter, Buzz, StumbleUpon and Digg. Sometimes posts catch on...

I also post my thoughts on trending topics in my industry.

I should also add that this has nothing to do with pay per click advertising. You can increase your traffic with PPC, that's what PPC is about.

Try link exchange and also write good content in blogs.

how do you create a traffic in your blog to generate more clicks and earn bucks? any ideaas will do. thank you.

I am not sure I understand your question:?:... Do you mean that you want to know how to BRING more traffic to your blog in order to generate more clicks on the Ads you have there? Or how to get people to click on your Ad (PPC) and get to your site?

If it is the first, you always want to ensure that you are giving your visitors plenty of reason to stay there. You want them to bask in your information crave for more.

If it is the latter, then you want to analyze your Ad and see what is wrong and why people are not clicking on it.

Google AdWords is a good option in Pay Per Click advertising. As it provides everything you want in pay per click search advertising. You can quickly set up an account and can have your ads up and running in less than 5 minutes. There are lots of tutorials and tools on Internet to help the new advertiser as well as to assist advertisers to increase conversions.

To increase traffic to your blog, you can post good content in your blog. You have to update the blog regularly with informative posts so that readers may find it interesting and useful.

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Forget Pay per Click to bring traffic to a Blog. You will spend a dollar per click and what you gonna make out of this?

You have to choose you "Niche" write killer contents and circulate them over the net using social networking and Social Bookmarking channel. Stumble Upon is a great source of Traffic.

Optimize your site and keep posting quality content.

Submit articles. This has been one of my favorite traffic techniques for years. Find long tail keywords (terms with 3 or 4 words in them)…and write articles about the subject.

Optimization and try to rank it well in search engines for organic traffic. Is the best traffic.

Regular updates in content and do seo and sem (ppc) and social networking

To get heavy traffic on your blog, you need to learn SEO and get good search engine ranking.

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