I was just going through few SEO websites and came across a website http://www.submitedge.com which charges $49 for submissions in the DMOZ directory (http://www.submitedge.com/dmoz_listing.html). I was surprised when i found out that the website which charges $49 for submission in DMOZ doesnt exists in the DMOZ listings. When a website cannot guarantee its own listings in the DMOZ how can it charge so high for just submission...this is ridiculous.

Please spread this so that people can be aware of such fraud companies.

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Thanks for that

Actually, you should ask the same question to them to get clarification on it.

Yeah i know that and on the bototm of the pages it says .................Please note this does not guarantee inclusion in DMOZ, but following all DMOZ guidelines will increase your chances of inclusion............and they still want from you $49 ........they are scammers

Argh, there are many scammers out there. We just gotta beware of them! The disclaimer of that site is ridiculous!

I cannot say submitedge is a scam site. They specifically stated the money they charge is for submission and not for listing. The money is for helping clients to choose the right category, title and description. And of course, they profess to submit in accordance to DMOZ guidelines.

However, their site needs to be in DMOZ to convince people they bring good result.

The $49 they charge for the submission alone is too exorbitant. Even after spending that amount, your site can still not get listed. One can split that amount and use it to get listed in four or more other quality directories.

but still
$49 is too high for DMOZ listing only..

I know very well that no one can guaranteed about the approval but i think that price is high..

Thanks for your post,and i never believe money could make anything be what i hope.

Nice catch. Thanks for sharing. This is the type of information we need more of on the forum as opposed to people hyping their service under the guise of offering advice and expertise.

Don't believe in what u actually see on these websites, because there are some websites which are fake and even don't exist. So be careful and search authentic things only.

According to me building natural backlinks to our website is the best option then spending money on submissions.

hey frnd..
thanks alot for letting all of us know about this..
i would like to tell every webmaster is building backlinks through directory submission always preffer free listing as paid listing is fraud and even if itr real its of low quality..!!

I think you are right,....eventhough they have a formatted information when I lookedup in Whoisxy.com when I went through reviews about them using Scamadviser.com they had some negative feedback thereby degrading their reputation.

You can select which scam you would want to know or report about. There is a forum for every scam.

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