Social Marketing has proved to be a very useful medium of information dissemination in the recent years. Combination of the reach and popularity of social networking sites, forums etc, and ingenious techniques of marketing to ensure right delivery of a message has ensured success for businesses in delivering right message in the right way.

But, the need of the hour is creation of measurable social marketing campaign that can be tracked, tallied and customized as per the need. The same would also help in removing ambiguity over the effectiveness of a campaign and measure the worth of time and effort invested in it.

A very important step in this direction is defining measurable objectives for the campaign. They help in maintaining the focus. Periodical study of the reviews, visitor footprints and reversal matrix would let you know whether you are on the right track to your goal.

Using different analytic tools you can keep track on from which site you're getting traffic and how people are sharing your links using different social media modules. You can check your stats through tools like awstats/google analytics and going on log file analysis.