could anybody tell me the most active forum at present
except --DP , Sitepoint , SEO chat ,and Warrior forum
thanx in advance

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I've never even heard of Warrior forum?

I've never even heard of Warrior forum?

wow, then u 'd better to check that out
cauze it is pretty active these days

I never heard of warrior forum either but it sure looks very commercial focused.

Check with, it list most active message boards/forums of different niche.

I think

is also one of the most active forum these days...

even i dnt hear about worrior forums

I was at SEOchat the other day and there's this guy bad-mouthing me who has 11,000 posts there. 11,000, not the one-liner type neither, no, this guy writes novels. He's been there 6 years.

Now that's taking your forum participation seriously!

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I would recommend digitalpoint and v7n forums for all webmasters. They are both friendly, informative and helpful. :)

Have a nice day,

Have you tried with & eWealth forum?
However, I am sure that, Warrior Forum & DP are the best where you can get answers for all your doubts, Even SEOChat too.

Many people haven´t hear warrior forum, but for me is one of the most actives and useful.

I think "money talk pro" is also one of the famous and active forum.

In this link you will find eht Top List of Web Master Forums

This forum is in the position 4 :) .

Many relevant forum ...
But you must choice a "dofollow" forum, because it 's can more easy to promote website ...


That is good to know. What is the difference between dofollow and no follow?

why do you like jump from one forum to another? it is always better to stick with the better one that jump all over


digitalpoint forum is most active.

Try . It is most active forum like digital point forums. Try it out.

thanks sharing the active forum list. But i want to ask ypu one thing how can we decide it is active forum or not?


Nice list....
The most active forum at present according to me is Digital point.
also v7n

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