Hi folks,

Black Hat search engine optimization is defined as unethical techniques that are used to get higher search rankings.

It is not recommended but I am finding people are doing it and being said that it is effective for short term. People use black hat tactics to get instant ranking and traffic for particular time period which is the best for their business. For example people are selling such products which are in demand at the time of Christmas so they might use black hat to get high ranking and traffic for short term to get benefit of Christmas days.

What is your opinion about it?

I definitely think it works, but yes, only for a short time. Just like you've eluded to it is useful if you're in a short term market, but no good for an established site owner

we know that if a website use Black Hat SEO, that will not good for the website. but the Black Hat SEO also can get great effective for short term, so many seoer use it.

I would not touch nor recommend Black Hat SEO at all..... Why? If caught, the site that uses Black Hat SEO will be punished by Google by not appearing on SERPs. That is a HUGE price to pay in this market.

Although you can find a lot of points and articles about the black hat SEO tricks some might be using, but they are actually useless nowadays as search engines have already discovered nearly all of the ideas.

Here are some of the techniques that falls under black Hat SEO:

keyword stuffing
link farming
hidden text
door-way pages

Using black hat method your site will rank on first page in just a month on major search,...but in a short term only because the method that used is not acceptable on Google guidelines.

I think professionals never use black hat seo techniques...

By far, the majority of SEO services use grey hat to black hat techniques, although they call it something else.

The white hat SEO service is a rare breed indeed.

You'll have higher chances of that Google and other search engines ban your site if you participate in doing black hat SEO.

First of all using black hat SEO tactic is not good for website but if anybody expert in seo profession then he can be use it for short time profits esp. on any occasion or festival.

Well, when you stop loving you website or you are in the mood to loose your websites value, you should use black hat seo without any fear.

They are the common balckhat techniques

1. Keywords Stuffing
2. Cloaking
3. Doorway Pages
4. Link Farming
5. Page Hijacking
6. Mirror Websites
7. Buying Expired Domains
8. Selling Page Rank

Stay away from them!