Google just announced their project that has just been rumors up till now. Google has created a Open Source Browser called Chrome and wanted to tell the whole world about it through a comic book designed by Scott Cloud. The Google staff take you through the 38 paged comic book explaining their revolutionizing Open Source Browser.

Chrome is different then any other browser. The stability feature of Chrome sounds amazing. Each tab is a separate process that can be shut down via the task manager without losing your other tabs. Chrome also introduces something that will change your paranoid ways of passwording every file with 300 numbers so that the Website you are on can't access your computers files.

Chrome has been designed with the same program used to write Google's new phone Operating System Android. I am reading the comic book that they released the idea with and I love it! Google did not announce this on their site but sent a email to the unofficial blog of Google blogoscope. I know you most likely would like to read it for your self so click here and find out about a new type of browser one you have never thought about before.

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