I've been using Google adsense for about a year now in my blog. I was just wondering why it seems like I haven't earned a single dime?


Most people think that just by placing the Adsense code onto their website will start earning them big checks! I am not ashamed to admit that even I thought the same when I was new. But I soon realized that if I do not optimize my Ads, it is impossible to achieve a good income from Adsense.

In order to achieve a very high CTR ( 30% + ) it is important that the following points are taken care of :

1. Google should serve Ads relevant to your niche.
2. You should have the right kinds of Ad formats place in the right places
3. Your Ads should be properly formatted

Google is providing public service ad in your website :D .

I'm interested with the replies too. I'm also new. and wants to learn. :)

Even if you have the best Ad, people will not respond if they don’t see it instantly.

The best place to see the ad is the top of your web page and the next is aside your document’s text. Visitors will click it more frequently since it will look like your text.

i think u should choose the rite places to place diff. formats of ads and secondly optimize you site well for the ad related keywords... thats all abou it and u will see the difference

i think u should choose the rite places to place diff. formats of ads and secondly optimize you site well for the ad related keywords... thats all abou it and u will see the difference

Ture, the palcement is very important, and many experienced Adsense users have reported better CTR with vertical ads rather than the horizontal ones. But that really depends on your site structure.

Usually it is recommended to place towers on your right, as users tend to use the mouse to scroll the bar on the right side wiht a higher chance to see your ads. Some have reported doubling CTR’s by placing towers to the left rather than the right, as people have got bored of seeing ads on the right, it has something to do with the sidedness of the brain which I do not understand and there is a tendency to read from left to the right.

you must have 1000+ pages of good content and then start adsense

In order to achieve a very high CTR ( 30% + ) ...

You could try praying. No way are you ever going to get a 30% CTR with Google ads. Ever.

5% would be very good.

Is a mix of factors: keywords, optimization, content and placement. As all in the life this is a way of try and fail. But believe me, for me the most important factor is to select the right keywords.

Is important to read every day about new techniques, seo, tips and more about adsense. This is a game that is changing everyday.

the big question is how many visitor u have and how mant are clicking your ad!

Try to concentrate on your content. Google ad should be belongs to content.

Do you post articles on your blog on a regular basis? Do you check it almost every single hour? I used to have a similar problem, even going to the extent of clicking the adsense myself until a friend of mine warned me that this is forbidden by Google. When I started to develop an addiction for my blog, everything changed and I started earning a chunk every month.

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I came across several websites with page rank more than 3. With very lesser content. They are demanding that they are earning through adsencse

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your google ads was shown as public service simply because your google adsense account havent get approved (if i'm not wrong, you are putting adsense in your blogspot right?). It takes some time for google adsense to get approved

To earn money from google adsense, you need to have visitors to your website in the first place. You need to have a sufficient ammount of traffic as normal click through rate is only around 1-2% i guess.

How is other people going to access your website? Do your website appeared in the front page of google search when the keywords (common keyword that people type) of your website is used in the search? In this case, you can try to draw visitors from making video promotion for your website, participate in forum, promote through friends, and most importantly, increase your website traffic so that people can easily access your website in search engine.

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Try with some social networks

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If you wanna more help so go to google adsense help

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