Keyword techniques alone will not help you. you need to focus those keywords by creating valuable back links.

A good start would be to use some article submission on top article directories and submitt there 5-10 articles weekly! helps for serp!

A good start would be to use some article submission on top article directories and submitt there 5-10 articles weekly! helps for serp!

yea but if no one reads or interacts with those articles, your rankings will be short lived, and your efforts wasted.

i suggest that you do blog commenting and use your best keyword as your anchored text on your comment. I also find social bookmarking, social blogging and forum posting as excellent strategies in generating traffic to your site and creating quality backlinks.

Keyword plays very important role to rank your site,you can also increase your site ranking through article submissions,Social Bookmarking,Posting blogs etc. And try to sumit unique content.


Promote your site through Search Engine Optimization! Just make sure to do On-Page Optimization first then next is Off-Page Optimization. Aside from SEO are the following:

Search Engine Marketing
Pay Per Click
Social Media Networking

- Update your website every day by adding more unique content.
- Provide inside linking to your website.
- Create sitemap for your website then submit sitemap to Google and submit sitemap to Yahoo.
- And the most important tips. Trade your link with other web owners.

Do Off-Page Optimization - it deals with building links. Article submission, press release, classified ads, link exchange, social bookmarking and blog commenting are just some of the techniques that falls under Off-Page. Make sure to create quality of inbound links because Google gives more value on them.

To increase ranking you have to get more backlinks to your site. There are various methods to get backlinks, Such as social bookmarks, Blog comments, Forums postings, Article submissions, Using web properties 2.0 sites and etc. If you can get backlinks specially from your niche related sites, that will be awesome and google will give more value for such a link. :)

siteler arası bağlantı Alış verisi çok önemli buna dikkat ...
evden eve nakliyat

Well. You. Should. Maybe. Start. By. Oh Ok I Know.

Two Steps to Mastering SEO

1. Learning about the on-site and the off-site ranking factors that the search engines use to determine the best web pages for a search. Study and lightly apply the popular methods of optimization for both sets of ranking factors.

note: on-site optimization requires a sound knowledge of the optimizable web page/web site components.

note again: off-site optimization is generally considered link strategizing or link building but essentially it involves deploying any number of linking schemes that by the very nature of link popularity manipulation renders their effectiveness sporadic, if at all.

2. Mastering the English language in order to use its intelligence to influence the search engine's perception of your uniquely important web content. The attainment of language mastery will catapult your SEO capabilities, especially when it comes time to work the on-site ranking factors.

I would think that'd be enough to get a fella' started in the right direction.

Happy SERPs (search engine results pages)!

i like your suggestion.


You can improve your Page rank in search engine by SEO. By using social bookmarking, forum posting, blogs, link building, you can easily improve page rank of your site in search engine.

For ranking high in google you need many oneway backlinks to your submission wich generates many incoming links to your site and ranks high in SERPs.

If you are newbie Please first learn SEO, and do. If you cant , just hire a SEO expert to work for your site.

Page rank is important to you and you want to generate backward links to your site then make sure the other sites are about the same topic, otherwise that link might be useful.Update your website every day by adding more unique content. Provide inside linking to your website. Trade your link with other web owners.

Its defiantly not a easy task & not a difficult one too .But with he help of proper on page seo & apply different off page seo techniques PR will defiantly do up.PR relates to back links.

Though keywords searching and positioning is very important but there are more things like onpage and offpage to beat the competition and get high traffic...

Well i agree with the onpage and off page factors. I think if you will check the onsite of your website mean your links and their relivency and the content of your site and if all is OK then move to the off site optimization!

To increase site ranking go for fresh and unique content and effectively making use of the keywords you want your site to rank with.
also try to generate quality back links from relevant niche sites

Please do following, you get more backlinks, Traffic and PR

On-Page Optimization - title tags, meta tags, description, keywords, content, alt attributes, robots.txt, h1/h2 tags and sitemap.

Off-Page Optimization - article submission, blog commenting, forum posting, classified ads, press release, online group posting, link exchange, social bookmarking, hub page, link wheel and squidoo are just some of them.

Google has become the gold standard by which an Internet surfer searches for something on the world wide web.

Search for some free seo ebooks, most of them explain well about on page seo and how to get quality backlinks.

Ranking is only improved when the content is updated regularly...

maybe this will usefull :
- build backlinks
- build internal links
- use niche keyword in your blog content
- create backlinks from other related blogs

good luck :)

First of all your content should be high quality and fresh after that you should often update your content. You should try to get back links for your site related to your niche high PR site, blogs and article and you should write article for your site with your target keywords. It will be more beneficial to increase ranking.

To increase the ranking in search engines, there are a number of things that you also targeted key words and phrases to the page content with external links, article submission, social book marking, posting forums, blog comments, with classified ads may consider increasing your ranking with the rise in the rankings help us ....

very useful information given by canadafred. first on page optimization should be done.after that we should do off page optimization . try to increase traffic to your website. and put uinque content.if your contents are really very good than all techniques gives you better results.

This thread has very useful info. Thanks.

Thanks I`ll follow this tips to increase my ranking.

promoting your website seriously

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