I started playing around with ranking videos on Youtube.

I noticed that in the Youtube search results the keywords from the search are bolded in the Title and Description. I would magine the name of the video files is another factor. I also surmise that the newer videos get preference.

Are there any other ranking factors?

Popularity of video seems irrelevant.


Consider the # and type of subscribers.

So you want to turn up in google search or search on Youtube? I do both, and carefully name my videos..I have uploaded around 150 and have experimented with what works the best... This is what you have to do...Supply and Demand...If you see a title that is popular then keep making similar videos...Go with the flow......

How do you monetize youtube videos? Watermarking? If yes, do you use full video watermarking?
Further trying to find answers for my curiosity, what kind of products or services do you advertise?
I have never tried tube websites yet.

About supply and demand, there was a website or something that gave you the highest grow in searches for different terms. I know that one was at a point swine flu. A good marketing should involve checking growing terms, and advertising them. And since movies are a big part of the searching terms, i guess a good seo campaign could use future movies ( check what movie appears in 6 months time, we are talking about good movies, and prepare a blog or something with various articles regarding the movie, and the subject of the movie, and i guess you will have something built when the wave comes ).


Normally, I used to add more tags as well as used to get more backlinks to the videos, As the result, for those keyword searches in Youtube, I used to be on first page (most of the cases). so, I assume that those(tags, backlinks, description) are the main factors on determining the search results on Youtube

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