Hello Forum Friends:

I created about 2 articles to post on my blog for my dating sites. The article blog is located at a sub folder (ex: domain.com/articles/). On each article, I created a few links to link to my homepage for some keywords.

My question is:

Should I link to the homepage ONLY for some keywords?


Should I link to each individual page instead of the homepage ONLY?

Which method is better?

Thanks very much!

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I think instead of linking only to homepage, link each page so that every web page will get similar boost.

If you are trying to target more words, you may prefer pointing some of the links at your inner pages instead of the homepage.

Linking to inner pages will increase you the link popularity of those inner pages.

I aslo recommend that u should link to each individual page instead of the homepage only, so that each individual page will get some juice!

Link inner page instead of home page, each page linking increase traffic on your site.

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