Hi, how many keywords are best for one ad group.I study at different places about it.Some expert say one key word per ad group, others say 10 t 20 keywords and also some people say that more than 100 keywords per ad group is a best choice.I am so confusing which one is best.Can any PPC expert guide me please.

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Hi, first of all i am not an expert here, but I do have some experience in it. Last time I used, I started with about 60 keywords and then narrowed it down to 40, then 20 then to the last 6-7 best performing keywords. If you don't check the keywords performances from the early beginning, your campaign quality would drop down. So, even if you start with a 100 keywords, make sure that either all of them are performing well or just narrow down your keywords to a few best performing ones before your campaign quality drops down.

Thanks Kritidas

yea - it's best to limit the amount of keywords per ad group. To optimize an ads performance, it helps to tailor each ad so that the keywords are included. If your keywords are included in the ad, they are displayed in bold text, which enhances visibility for you ad. That said, it makes sense to have a small group of keywords for each ad.

It's good to work with 100-200 and then slowly streamlined to 30-50 most convertable keywords.

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