I have a website which does very solid organic traffic through Google. This is an article website and we haven't done anything to specifically target google or any other search engine.

Nevertheless, here is a breakdown of our search engine traffic from the last month:
Google - 94%
Yahoo - 3.5%
Search - 0.82%
Ask - 0.56%
AOL - 0.54%
Bing - 0.23%

A couple notes:
-We publish mostly academic articles and research papers
-We are included in Google news, which brings in a good amount of traffic

But, this still can't be purely reflective of the relative popularity of the search engines. Any ideas?

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My first thought is that it is nothing. It's just that many people (students) use Google over other search engines. And since you have organic traffic coming it, that could be the only reason.

Have you checked your listings on all the search engines? That could be another reason. You might have more pages indexed on Google than anywhere else.

hmmmmm good results

wat is that site..?

If it is the popularity of SE that you want, I can be sure that google is the most popular one.

But you need not do SEO targeting at google for course.

The main reason is that Google has a great market share. Also google has many search engine versions depending the language/country. If your blog posts are in not in english and they have a geographical targeting this could also be a good reason.

I think the reason behind this would be more people are using Google News engine for seeking materials on articles. :)


Yahoo and Bing is almost dead meat. There's no point in focusing on these 2 search engines that only favours keywords inside domains when deciding the keyword rankings.

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