Hi!! All!! Myself Scott spinella!! I have my social networking website and I want targeted traffic for it..is there any way to get that..

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... I want targeted traffic ...

So you best just look around here and figure out what search engine optimization is first then give it a go yourself or, if you lack confidence in being successful in the simple art of search engine optimisation then find someone else to do it for you.

If you try this yourself, concentrate on crafting intelligent content and focus your optimization on-site. Don't worry too much about making mistakes in SEO, practically any situation is salvageable nowadays doesn't really matter how shabby it is.

You should try using PPC or find an SEO Consultant to start a SEO Campaign. PPC Campaigns are cheaper to start but more expensive to run.

you can do some seo work for your website
get traffic from search engines

you can also place your ads on difference search engines
also on social communities like facebook, twitter, etc

In my own experiences, social networking arena is really hot competitive. I would like to recommend you to position your new social networking site in some smaller niche or local market at the very beginning.


For most of the sites the major part of targeted traffic will be from Search Engines only, so do SEO and improve your keyword rankings.

Hello! If I were you I'd start from good content. Then I'd run an articles submitions, then blog/forum posting. Highly recommend you to use a Socalbookmarking - this is a bacis of SEO, as for me. Also try a link exchange with related websites. I'm sure that if you start blog posting - it will atract a huge amount of visitors to your website. For today very popular tricks are video and email marketing, but this methods will wokr just for specific websites, if you think that it can work for you as well then just dont hesitate to start using it!


I think firstly you should doing seo work for your site and share your site information on other social networking sites.

Hi!! All!! Myself Scott spinella!! I have my social networking website and I want targeted traffic for it..is there any way to get that..

Yes You can drag traffic from Social network. But you need to focus more on that. So You can do some classified posting, Article submission for getting back links and traffic.

There are many ways available for getting good traffic. Using these ways are depend on your site theme.As your site theme is social networking then you must let people know about your site. Participate in forums let people know about it. Participate in other social networking sites and QA sites.

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