Link building is the most useful and the most basic step of SEO. We can add our link by submit our site URL's in to web directories. Directories submission used to provide us back links of our site. Our site link defines in a specific category in the directories. There are thousand of directories lists available on the web. Back links helps us to rank our site. A Site, which has thousand of back links, has more probability of achieve good rank in search engines.

Linking scheme further divide in two category that are…

1. Natural linking
2. Paid linking

We must follow natural linking first
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Nice writeup smith, But there are many SEO experts who are also doing link exchange(Reciprocal).So can you mention something about it?

Natural links which have been voluntarily given to the websites could be very great indeed because unlike the paid links which are bought by money, some webmasters who have visited the sites and enjoyed the contents would actually add links in their favors and in most cases, such links could help the sites with gaining better ranks very much.

Link building is the most important technique in achieving traffic and search engine rankings, but directory submissions are just for backlinks purpose. We won't get any traffic from those sites. It's better not to spend too much of time in that.

Link building is the most important part of the SEO(search engine optimization). it has a lot of techniques such as article submission, blog commenting, forum posting, press releasing but directory submission is the most powerful techniques to do link building. Some directory submission sites provides a free option to submit you site under a specific/suitable category.

some provides paid option, so keep attention when posting your website url on them.

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In my own experiences, some paid links are also really natural if only the linking partner are niche relative and decent enough. Of course, link baiting would be the most natural channel for building backlink purpose, IMO.

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What about 3 way link exchanges and are these easily recognised by the search engines?

What about 3 way link exchanges and are these easily recognised by the search engines?

Any sort of "link exchange" really goes against the very fabric of search algorithms. They very rarely result in natural linking patterns.

Good information smith! Your tips should be helpful to newbies.

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