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I have read in several SEO articles that having your keywords in the domain URL helps in your keywords appearing in top pages of Search Engines.......Is this strategy really works in SEO?

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It used to work great. Lets say is your domain name is "FreeForum.com". If someone search for "Free Forum", your site will most likely be on top.

But nowadays search engines had smarten up. Domain name still plays a huge factor in Search Engine Optimization. But just by having your domain name the same as the key term won't necessary means your site will be on top for sure. (Although I would say you will have a huge advantage still)

Yes having the keyword in the URL in a landing page of a website play an important role in the SEO. If you have no idea then you must read the article about the URL naming convention!

I agree with myhfelix. Keywords in your domain or a cleverly named file page will help, but there are about 200 other factors google uses to rank your website on it's SERPs. Content being the most important.

Of course, having keywords in urls would be helpful for ranking purpose. But, having keywords in title tags, meta description tags, h1 tags, page contents would be more important issues. :)

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Yes, it is an added advantage to have the keyword in the domain name and it works too.

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