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Bounce rate of the site often causes visitors to leave the site soon.....how to decrease the bounce rate of a site?

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In order to reduce bounce rate, the visitor must visit some other pages in your site. So, try to attract the visitor to other pages in your site from the landing page. The landing page should be easily navigable and it should contain attractive links to other pages

Yes, the design and content should be fine enough. The visitors for your site should come from relevant sites, i.e the relevant niche sites.

the page on which users will land must have attractiveness. it should be telling users where to go and what they can do on website to have a good time. i have seen a video tutorial of a website being posted on its home page so that it tells users what that site us about and where are the beat pages to visit on that website.

To decrease the bounce rate of your site, you need to make a content that captures the interest of the readers.

I agree with the posts befor this. You should make your landing page attractive, easy to navigate, etc. I just want to add that if you have a blog or you have some content on your landing page, cut it and put a link to the page of the whole article/content. Just like in blog articles where you can see the "Read more" or "continue reading" links which lead the readers to another page.

Make your landing pages easy to navigate (as mentioned before) and also give a good overall impression of what else can be found on the site, along with some type of incentive to explore the site more thoroughly.

1. Firstly, A professional site designing would be necessary, IMO.
2. Secondly, offering your visitors what they want just like on referring pages on your landing pages would be essential.

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Visitors only stay on a website if its is useful. So try to put useful content and make good looking website with easy navigation.

My biggest challenge has been getting people to understand what the entire site encompasses beyond what they find on the single landing page they ended up on as a result of a Google search.

user actually likes interesting & unique things. so you must put on some catchy things on to site which can fix user's attraction on web page. Don't put on confusions.keep one thing in mind user don't have much time to surf through out your site so give priority to all important, fresh, & unique information to keep stay your user on tune.

Make your site a very simple yet readable and attractive to the readers so that they will not bounce back. and make your site load faster. Me, myself will not wait too long to a site to load.

Follow the below steps it will help you

1) Provide Relevant Content
2) Use the Language of your Target Audience
3) Have Clear Navigation
4) Provide Ample Content
5) Update Your Content

I agree with other members that you should always provide relevant content and update your content after some times and consider adding some new information for reduce bounce rate of your site.

The main thing which should be taken to reduce the bounce rate is to make the site more and more attractive.Also the loading time should be reduced to a great extent.In majority of the case the visitors bounce back because of the amount of time it takes to load.

I think one important thing also decrease your bounce rate if your site speed is good this is also main factor if your site takes time to open a page then user quickly close link and try for other. So keep this factor in mind during optimization, compress all images and remove unnecessary html and css.

To decrease the bounce rate the content of website should be very good attracting the visitors to stay on the site.

Bounce rate and BounceBack rate different? I mean, Bounce Rate is used to mean people who leave the website and never come back again??

Try not to change the homepage content much more quickly than Google re-caches it, otherwise visitors come there because they found it in a search but when they get there there's no such information.

it's all about attract visitor thought attractive design and unique content then easily navigation :)

make useful content for users load time of the site should be low

There are Five Ways according to me to Lower Bounce Rate
Provide Relevant Content - seems simple enough doesn't it? Well then why are so many sites not doing it and why are people abandoning sites soon after arriving on them? If you are going to optimize a webpage, do it right. When writing copy, consider your audience. Use their language not yours, which leads us to point #2.

Use the Language of your Target Audience - do you really think that using the fancy industry lingo is always the way to go? Well sometimes, but many times your target audience may be versed in an entirely different language... that is their own language. Corporate or industry speak may not always be the same language that your target audience uses or is looking for. Work to understand your target audience and the terminology that they are using. If your content can speak to your site visitors, your bounce rate will decline significantly.

Have Clear Navigation - if you are lucky enough to have a user find your site through Organic Search, treat them well. Every site page that you makes up your site, should have clear and intuitive navigation to guide the user through their site experience. Capture their interest and guide them with a well interlinked site to assist them in finding all of the information they are looking for. If they expect to see pricing on the site, be sure to provide them with this information. Someone who performs a search for "CRM pricing comparisons" expects to find a page that features jus that, comparisons of CRM (software) pricing.

Provide Ample Content - whether in the form of page copy, images, video etc. Be sure to provide sufficient content to your site visitors. If you have a page about green widgets, make sure that you have some information on green widgets. Here's a hint, product or vendor comparisons work well, as do consumer reviews, pricing and shipping information. Having a brief sentence or two just doesn't cut it. Try to have a minimum 300-400 words of content on your site pages.

Update Your Content - if you have content that is dated, consider adding some new information. Check your analytics to see which pages have the highest bounce rate and revisit the page copy for these pages.

we can reduce bounce rate, by providing interactive and quality contents to our site. content have the capability of reducing bounce rate.

Hi all...

Bounce rate of the site often causes visitors to leave the site soon.....how to decrease the bounce rate of a site?

To fetch the visitors on a website one must use keywords that lure the visitors, So use such keyword within all the pages of your website. Content optimization is always play a role of success because we all know that content is the king.

Make your articles informative and give interest to visitors. Your content should be of quality and not just a keyword-stuffed web content.

To reduce bounce rate try to attract the visitor to other pages in your site from the landing page. The visitor must stay on your site for a specific time. The landing page should be attractive links to other pages. Providing better content and navigation automatically decreases bounce rate.

You can reduce bounce rate of a site you use following rule.......
1.Good and original content.
2.Clear and proper navigation.
3.Good Quality links.
5.Analyze bounce rate.

First, you have to think as a visitor about what exactly facilitates you when you are on your site and what factors you see to keep visiting the site or to close it at once. Check if there are any broken links on your site or is there anything missing, that should be on your landing page (where visitor landed from search engine).

In short, try to add unique content with proper placement. Help your visitor in finding everything easily on your site and make a user-friendly navigation. Keep the site structure easy for them to browse your site.

Good luck,

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