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Just a quick one.
Will the amount of outgoing links on my homepage effect my rankings.
All the links are to other pages within the site and not external links to other URL's

At the moment, my home page pretty much links to every other page in the site and I'm wondering that if it just link to a few good quality and content rich internal pages will that help improve my rankings?


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I would like to recommend you to use rel=nofollow attribute to nofollow some outgoing links for PR purpose.

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yes use no follow tags to waste your link juice to the external links also try to maintain a good quality backlinks to your site to get maximum benefits....

Well they wont effect in the negative manner if you will give them no Follow tags and will also help your users navigate you website in a better way!

Building links through reciprocal link exchanges is a simple yet very powerful website promotional tool.If done correctly, increasing your linkage will:

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In fact it is a bit difficult as i am new to this field but i do have some tips so why don't you try it.
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