Hi everyone

I'm wanting to start a blog to promote my life insurance site.
It's main purpose will be to write relevant articles containing anchor text links to my site to try and improve my sites serp's.

Does anyone have any advice on which blogging software is best to use for this purpose?
I've noticed wordpress is very popular when looking at other and competing blogs and I was just hoping someone could offer any ideas or advice?

My hosting packages has several blogs available but I don't know which one is best or should I sign up to blogger etc?

Many thanks in advance


Wordpress is one of best solution for you. I like Wordpress because it :
1. Free
2. Easy to use
3. SEO friendly
4. Thousands of free plug in available.

Definitely Wordpress for a number of reasons - one of the most importants being scalability and SEO preparedness. Just remember to upgrade as soon as new versions come out, and change the default permalink structure to something more SEO-friendly, as well as installing the "All In One SEO Pack" plugin.

thats cool.. i was looking for the same thing and found it here.. but would love to know about others reviews as well. thanks both of you!

Yeah, wordpress is better. Has very useful plugins.


I have tried a few and WordPress is the best.

thanks for the discussion on it.i was little bit confuse about which site i have to use for blogger but now found that wordpress is better.

You can use typepad or bloggar which provide many seo freindly feature.wordpress is first choice for most of persons.

For corporate blog building wordpress is best one. Blogspot is also cool for any entertainment industry related site blog.

I will suggest wordpress. It allows many plugins to be installed.

I am recently using it. ^^

I will suggest www.stivablog.com
It allows customizations of the source code, looks very nice and the most important there is a tech support available and regular updates.

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