How can I manage to rank keywords if there are 10 keywords on different subpages?

if one keyword is already on the first page of the google, if i am going to stop link building with that term and proceed to another keyword to rank will it lost immediately? how long will it stay?

need an advice
Thanks a lot, in advance

The idea is that your content should be good enough that you will constantly grow links naturally. A link building campaign is a good start to grow traffic to a page, but the content should be good enough that once the page has a decent amount of traffic, people will start to link to it all on their own. You can then move your link building efforts to a different page while the first one continues to get new links organically.

If the only links you get are those that are from paid link building efforts, then as soon as you stop paying, nearly all the traffic will dwindle rather quickly.

Most people forget that SEO is an ongoing process until your site is well established or placed well enough that it will maintain itself. I think that once you are confident that your main page is well established with the main keyword you start working on optimizing the rest of the keyords. However, do not overdo it. It is imperative that your site content reads naturally to a human brain. And that it does not appear as being stuffed with keywords to a search engine bot.

Always remember that Quality supersedes quantity. And when it comes to SEO, it is NOT the exception.

Relevant content + Backlinks for each subpage.

In my own experiences, using relative keywords or long tail keywords relative to your already ranked keywords in building new backlinks would be a nice idea for this purpose. You would rank your new keywords while keeping your old ones.

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Those keywords and their respective Keywords with their Back links for each sub page.

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