How Social networking works and contributes in SEO?

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Social Networking sites where are the real users or active users or audience is present and if we promote our site through these Social Networking sites (Facebook, Twitter, etc.) we might have increase in our website traffic. Also it will increase your website's visibility to online user's...

Only social networking sites offer users a directory of search you can use to find people or specific groups. You can search by categories such as location, industry, interests and unique preferences. This way you do not waste your time and resources to connect with people, you and your company have something in common.

Social networking not only gets you traffic from the various mediums (Facebook, twitter, etc) but SEO is all about getting as many sites out there to link to you. Social networking can be very viral in that regard too.

Social networking sites bring traffic to your site and increase the popularity of your site.

Social media net working are media for social interaction, using highly accessible and scalable publishing techniques,this is really one of the best marketing strategy and as the times goes on and it will be more effective because of the popularity they get.stumbleupon,face book,Twitter best for working.......

yeah you are absolutely correct

Hi all

well you can use these social networking sites to increase your site trafic

If you have new website you want to promote you can do that from social networking. generate traffic too from your website.

You can contact people who are all in same niche via social network. Social network communities are helpful to share your knowledge and you can promote your service or product on groups.

Social networking = Backlinks and traffic.

You can bring traffic and back links to your site by creating your own Facebook Page and suggesting it to other FB members.

Well there are lots of marketing benefits of social networking. Social networking is also making it better for businesses and the consumers who purchase their products and services. Businesses get better visibility and consumer relationships,while consumers get more interaction and transparency of the people they buy from.

Social network is very have the personal attention of the customer and are even able to have a two way communication with them.your network build that togetherness.your online reputation is increase.

I think social networking sites generate enough traffic for your website. But I don't think you can be rest assured that they are all quality.

What I know is that social networking sites have a huge potential of conversion. A platform where you can make communities with targeted audience to sell/offer your services/products.

So, in short, social networking is the best place to start getting ROI.


How Social networking works and contributes in SEO?

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