What is a Ethical Search Engine Optimization ?

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The opposite of what you did, since it was not ethical for you to plug your company when posting this question.

Ethical SEO is naturally building backlinks because the content and quality of your site is outstanding, and not paying for backlinks or participating in any other tactics that Google might consider questionable.

Ethical search engines optimization is all about optimising a website for visitors, not for search engines. But yes, we can't forget that we are optimizing for website's search engines rankings. In this way, we need to use only ethical methods and white hat seo techniques.

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Ethical SEO activities are also called white hat SEO, seo work will be done for visitors is called ethical seo. If we only work for search engines then it is wrong and unethical seo.

All the methods of Search engine optimization that is laid by Google and that is as per the set parameters of search engine is called ethical seo or in other words you can say white hat SEO.

Increase web traffic of your site by ethical seo is called white hat search engine optimization

yes i agree with denleyderek search engine optimization is called seo and he increase traffic on you site.

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