I am moving one dating site to a another site with same content. I follow the right way to do that by using htaccess to redirect all folders from the old site to a new domain.

Since mine is dating site, I have one question.

Do I have to delete the database from the old site?

Can Google find the database with profiles from the old site to be duplicated with the new site?

Thanks very much.

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Google cannot directly see your database.

When you say you did the .htaccess stuff, I presume you set things up to 301 redirect all pages from the old domain to the new domain.

If you've done this you should have no issue with stuff on the old domain. In fact, you can probably remove everything but the .htaccess file.

As a test. If you cannot find a way to browse to pages on the old website, then Google probably can't either.


thanks for your best advice. I appreciated your help.
Yes. Do I have to remove all files from the old site, except .htaccess file?

thanks again.


You don't have to. I would wait till your sure the new site is working well before doing any spring cleaning.

By site I have been assuming you have changed domain and hosting?



Right, there would not be treated as duplicated if only you have performed a correct 301 redirection from the old domain to the new one. Duplicated contents would relate to identical of similar contents appearing on the same domain.

all the best,

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