Hi everyone

I am looking for a tool where I can just type my url only (no keywords), and it will then tell me every keyword or phrase that I rank for. Preferably it will also tell me what position those keywords are on in google.

Does anyone know of a tool that can do this?
Thanks for help


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Ya there are lot of free tools available, you can check out for them in google search engine.


Google Adwords Keyword Tool is best option to search out the keyword for your site.The Google Adwords the best keyword for your site....


i think you shold use and the miracle wheel by google..this gives you an idea of what you should work at about key words


Well all these keyword tools help you to search appropriate keywords for your website!
Question was to search for keywords on which the website is already ranked.. wasn't it?


There are many good tools but Google Adwords Keyword Tool is best. Its very easy to use and gives you an idea of what you should work at about keywords .......


Hello mate keyword selection is one of the important task to perform while doing SEO. Google adwords tool is one of the best and free tool for keyword selection. Another good tool is wordtracker but it is paid tool.


First thing you need to do is to understand your website, means you have to find out some key words that describe your website in most efficient manner.Then you can check the ranking of those key words using Google Adwords Keyword Tool.After that you can decide which key words to use for your site.

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