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You might have seen that websites with less backlinks are ranked on top positions in Search Engines. Some of them are brand new websites so there is no issue of also Domain Age.

So search engines have less value for backlinks? are backlinks really important? If important, Why?

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Its about the quality of the links not only quantity. ranking factor in google is very complicated. You definitely consider on page optimization and trust me its worth it.
But backlink till today is very important, not sure about tomorrow.


let me explain how back link work. I have my own example of back links.

Suppose Google is teacher and Every web page is student over internet world.

Google = teacher
Web pages = Students

Teacher(Google) give marks to every student(web page) in a form of page rank which vary from 0-10 and Page rank is patented or trade mark of Google inc.
Now, Suppose New student(website) come to class( Internet) and sit( or get back link) with a old student who is good in the eye of his teacher(Google). Obviously Teacher(Google) also think that new student( new website) seems to be Good student(website) because of their neighborhood students(website) so in this way teacher(Google) can give good marks(Page rank) to new student(website) and say to student(website) to sit in first line (means top ranking) as you are good student(website) of my class( internet).

So this is a common example of ranking and Page rank come from the student and teacher story..lolz

Finally, back links matter and most important thing is quality back links....

Hope your point is clear now.


That's great informative .

quality backlinks + quality content + quality SEO = top positions

yes off course......... Build more qulaity links and create quality contents to improve and maintain your blog or website's PR and increase traffic........

quality of backlinks really matter because when you have done your on page optimization then the keywords you use for on page really needs anchor text and quality of backlinks so that those keywords could be get top position on search engines.

Let me lend my vote to Quality Link i.e. links from other relevant/authoritative sites in your niche. That is what counts the most. A single quality backlink is worth far more than several irrelevant backlinks and its worthy to note that having a lot of irrelevant backlinks can even harm your rankings.

One of the ways search engines rank pages is by the number of inlinks or backlinks to your blog. These are essentially the number of other web pages not owned by you that provide links to your site. The best way to get these links is by looking at blogs that are related to your topic. Sometimes these topics can be almost identical to your own, but other times, they may be related to your own. Start to leave comments on related blogs, and regularly work on building your own network of Internet friends. As you comment more, people will get to know your name, and are much more likely to provide you with links to your site. You may also want to offer reciprocal links.

Backlinks are the main factors in Google ranking algorithm.That is true for many have been listed on the site without a lot of backlinks is because the connection quality is good, and the side of the correlation is impressive.So try something.

Building quality backlinks is extremely important to Search Engine Optimization, and because of their importance, it should be very high on your priority list in your SEO efforts. When search engines calculate the relevance of a site to a keyword, they consider the number of quality inbound links to that site.

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