Yes i think it will effect as a new backlinks for the new site

Yes every Baclinks will give link juice to new site

So what are the requirements for signatures on this forum? I'm not seeing where they are to be added.

Go to the Control Panel (link is above the search box at the top of the page). In the sidebar, under the Settings & Options heading, click on Edit Signature.

Adding signature link is really cool way to show your website or yourself.


Yes but now the link is redirect to the other site.

What Dani says is exactly true. One's should not messing around with signature link. I recommend to decide your keyword(s) first by analysis then put your signature. Then you don't have to change your signature more often! It's easy, Isn't it :)

yea i agree with lingoway it depends on the forum settings.

You know, once upon a time forum signatures and forum in general were almost always very useful. There's maybe 100 Purposeful Forums on the entire web and the gazillion rest just dumpgrounds pretending to be like purposeful forums.

To think Google isn't aware of a signature link because it is "no-followed" is like the time I walked to bus stop to get to work but forgot to put my pants on. It didn't matter to me until I noticed. I'm sure others noticed first. I guess I'm off track.

Point is, if a user participates in a meaningful discussion within a forum then it's usefulness to either learning or teaching has more merit than whatever miniscule ranking reward the links in the participator's signature could conjure, if any at all.

Whenever I run into an intelligent appearing spam forum that Google has yet to devalue, it gets blown out by some clever link starved marketer so fast it's hardly recognizable as anything remotely meaningful within a week.

Great Post Keep Update

when i create forum after 1 day i loing account than this msg show on display ?

You have been banned for the following reason:
Date the ban will be lifted: Neve

No i dont think so because whatever posts you have done earlier will be crawled & indexed by search engine so if you change the forum signature and post new comment nothing will happen to your old posts backlinks.

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