i just started using adwords and i don't really understand too much of it. i have all of my campaigns set up and phrases in each campaign. i created different landing pages for each campaign to represent the topic im going for. im having troubles in different areas and i hope someone can help.

1. how do i find long tale phrases

2. when i use the google keywords tools its says estimated cost per click is 5 cents. but but i set up my campaigns it says 2.25 or 15 bucks.. where do i go to find exactly what people are paying for because i dont want to get ripped off. i have 2 different campaigns but required some of the same phrases. one campaign say to get on the first page is 50 cent and the other for the same account phrase is 1.00. im so confused.

3. im getting impressions but no clicks

4. a bunch of my phrases says they are eligible for the 1st page but im not on the first page

5. most of my ads do not show up.

if someone can help i would greatly appreciate it


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I'm not expert, and I'm still learning myself but what I've learned so far is:

1. A great way is to have people you know search for your product, also there are quite a few tools out there that can help.

2. From what I have seen this is heavily based on your Quality Score - try and improve that as much as possible and continiously

3. I have the same problem, and its often down to the quality of your ads. Google has some tips, make sure you have all of them covered. Then go to a site like copyblogger to improve your ad and general sales copy.

4. This can be bid amount, Quality Score and competition

5. Try all of the above it should help - also download the Adwords Editor for your Desktop its much much better to work with everything.

The whole ad model of Google is based on relevancy, it is very smart and it fails to provide results... sorry to say that, but it is true. We are getting a lot of non-relevant clicks and have lost thousands of dollars on such during the last 2 years... Google have improved their system, but we still don;t get good results.

My suggestion to you is to stop the campaigns and to begin reading the Google's Helps sections in order to better understand how does Adwords work. Then when you are ready resume the campaigns.

ok let's address your concerns one by one

1. finding long-tail: what you need is to learn about keyword research. find your competition, get some data, get analytics on your existing website, dig through your server log for data, use tools like keywordspy - GET EDUCATED on keyword research

2. i don't know how to answer that question. you probably have it set up wrong. and they are estimates.

3. impressions but no clicks: means your ad is being triggered which is a good thing. bad thing is 1) it can be triggered to the wrong crowd which means its not targeted enough 2) your ad copy sucks

4. eligibility doesn't mean you will be 1st page

5. ads not showing up: your keywords are obscure

to be honest if you need that much help you're probably better off finding a PPC consultant to educate you and guide you thru the initial process

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