Hi Friends,

As i have ecommerce website and i have added code at the payment gateway to track the ecommerce record but still it is not showing anything.

As we have third party payment gateway so can anyone let me know the procedure to track ecommerce record on google analytics.

Thanks in advance..

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if the end-user/customer finished the sales process on your site, you *should be able to track the sale all the way through. Does the customer check-out or pay directly on your site? Or do they get redirected back to your site from the 3rd party processor once they are finished paying? Either way you should be able to track the sale using the proper tracking code provided by Google.

You need to paste the Google Analytics code at the 'successful transacted' url page as well in order to track it.

first you see that you have place the tracking code properly or not.

Then go to advanced option in Google analytic s tool, in there u go select "I want to track dynamic content". Place the code and see what happen

I would like to say that you can use other service for tracking traffic like statcounter.

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