As we know off-page work always does great to enhance any website traffic. But before starting off-page we must have complete all on-page changes and the visitor or crawler/spider can understand our sites quality easily.
Below are some check list we must do before starting off-page work:-

1. Title Update
2. Meta upade (Mainly Meta keyword and Meta Description)
3. Validate XML sitemap
4. Alt & Title Tags
5. H-tags(like h1,h2,h3......)
6. Keywords Density.
7. Keywords Analysis(most important)

There are many other points we should check before starting off-page seo work.

Thanks for sharing a nice post. But you also add the content. Remember that a unique and informative content is the king of a site. Google loves fresh contents.

Agree With you..................


I agree withe the information

And be clear with your on page optimization(meta tag,meta description,Title tag) because once you start your website promotion you can't change anything in FTP because the SERP will change in search engine.

Fresh content is the key to get rank. Try to add more than one Title tag. to rank multiple keywords.

Put a good and original content on the page which contain you keywors and use H1 tags for keywords

Thanks for the useful and helpful information. I really enjoyed reading your blog and I look forward to read your next post.

i also agree with the discussion,both on page and off page optimization is important but the king is always the unique content that search engine crawls for so what need more attention is to put more time on writing good material for your site.

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