Dear Friends
I want to know what is KEy Word Density and how it helps to improve our website on google.
And how many key words we should put in the content to get correct density of Keywords ?


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Hello sanjay!

Just go to google keyword tool and give your domain name and related domain keyword and it show up the global search volume and competitor analysis for all the keywords and you can pick the keywords and make it upload into FTP for on page optimization.

As far as keyphrase density goes ... it's whatever naturally evolves from half-decent writing that intelligently supports important keywords with a little bit of emphasizing to affect effect.

Use google keyword tool to find relevant keyword for your site and use them in the density of 3-5%

The frequency of repetition of a given keyword or phrase within body text on a web site. The higher the frequency (measured in percentages) the greater the likelihood of a higher ranking in search results.

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