Hi friends recent days i heared about CONTENT REPURPOSE, but i don't know what exactly it is.Please any one explain detail what is content repurpose? and how it is helpful for seo? and how to do it?

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content repurpose is a method of using the same content for different medium.
For example if you have written one article, you can
1. Submit it in articles directories
2. Create a PPT: Use article content and make it bullet points and use it in PPT
3. Create Audio of the same and submit it in pod casting websites
4. Create video of the same and submit it in Video submission websites.
5. Create a DOC & PDF of the same and submit it in DOC/PDF sharing websites
6. Publish the same article in various micro blogging websites
7. Gather all published URLs (no matter in which medium) and bookmark all the urls
8. Create RSS feeds of published URLs and submit it in RSS feed directories
9. Ping all URLs

You wont belive, but if you work on this strategy you will get 3/4 results in first page of google for your published urls.

Absolutely correct sslguru... Content repurpose means to use the same content on different media. Well thanks you for sharing nice information.

Yah, Content Repurpose is a very powerful medium to bring in customers through your content. With powerfully written content, churning out hordes of customers is pretty easy.

thanks to sslguru. this is my first time to know Content repurpose. ti seems really useful.i will try it. thanks again.

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