I'm doing research on plurals in both PPC and Organic SEO in the sense of "do search engines treat plurals as separate from singular keywords, or do they show in the same search results?"

example: Blanket vs. Blankets

Is a page optimized for blankets going to show up at the same place in SERP's if the user searches blanket as it would if the user searches for blankets? etc.

Has anyone had any experience or looked into this at all? What can you tell me about this?

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Plurals are different keywords, however having rankings for "blankets" seems to help for the rankings for "blanket" though not as much visa versa. for example every time i put in a backlink for my plural keyword it helps my non plural one quite a bit but if its the other one it only seems to help a little bit.
but keep in mind most of the time the same people are ranked for plurals and non plurals so i just tend to go for the plural one and that helps me for both.

hope this helps :)

They are both different keywords so you will need to do SEO for both keywords if you want to rank.

i agree but if u buy a domain with those keywords will be better to buy plural since it also contains singular :)

Thanks everyone!

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