Hello webmasters. Website optimization through SEO is not an easy task for me to understand. Actually, I am a learner of this point. Can you share your experience with me and tell me that which points are must to optimize a wed development website? Can you tell me that which steps I can take to optimize a web development website? Can you tell me about the points that I have to consider for the website optimization?

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By applying SEO techniques you can optimize your website and able to get more traffic for major search engines. First you should focus on content optimization i.e. your website should posses quality content with keywords for which we are targeting. Proper use of on-page optimization (proper keyword analysis, use of all required tags, url structure, tital of page, sitemap) must applicable. You should also prepare for off-page seo techniques like article submission, social bookmarking, forums, blogs, directories.

SEO is not as simple as its name, there are various issue that should keep in mind while optimizing website. But some of activities are very interesting like social media optimize & forum posting Do regularly these that will definitely improved search engine rank.

But do not forget on page optimization of the site first.

first do effective onpage and then use all seo off page strategy on daily basis.

Website optimization contents following steps
Step 1 : Keyword Analysis
Step 2 : website development(Assuming you are enough knowledgeable to create optimization title and other tags using your major keywords along with other Onpage optimization techniques)
Step 3 : Off page SEO and link building

The first thing with our site is that the content should be good, because content is king in seo.It should not be copy from other sites. The on page seo(meta tag description, title tag, site map etc.) should be well for that site. Off page seo techniques also matter for your sites.

Relevant keywords, unique and original content. Doing off page optimization in do follow sites with high pr to get do follow and quality back links.

To optimize a website, you have to do is turn off page optimization and website optimization. Select the Google AdWords help the less competitive keywords and then use high-quality content, rather than poor quality or duplicate content, because now days, Google is looking for quality content, Google updated the algorithm.

2 Factors:

1. On Page SEO

2. Off Page SEO ( Link Building)

Onpage seo is good but you should concentrate more on creating quality backlinks for your website from various sources like article marketing,social bookmarking etc.

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