What is main technic of Black hat SEO....
Please tell Black hat SEO process..

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What is main technic of Black hat SEO....
Please tell Black hat SEO process..

There are many techniques that can be considered Black Hat SEO.

The most common types in today's Internet marketing world revolve around manipulating link popularity (and link relevance); essentially most link building strategies can be unethical. Theoretically, any form of artificially inflating the number of backlinks to a web page falls within the range of Grey Hat to Black Hat search engine optimisation. For example, normal link exchanges is considered Grey Hat but excessively exchanging links moves up the spectrum to Black.

There are many but i would suggest not to use them otherwise you will be banned

Black hat Seo is unethical Seo in it you work against Seo rules.In black hat you do spamming and putting invisible text.Black hat Seo is not a long term process because search engine will ban your website. So it is a short term process and risky also.

First of all don't try for Black hats seo !!
Black Hat SEO is basically an unethical methods used for website to rank higher on search engines. Unethical techniques that used for a website by breaking the rules and google guidelines is callled Black hats seo. Cloaking is one of the example of black hat seo technique.

use technique to optimize your website against search engine rules.

Black hat SEO includes techniques that search engines do not approve of and attempt to minimize the effect of, referred to as spamdexing.Black hat SEO is both a myth and a reality we have to face sooner or later as SEO practicioners.

white seo means optimizing a website in a decent way like exchange links with other website and do other on site oiptimization jobs...black hat means optimizing website in a way that search engines dislikes

Black hat SEO is basically the process where any individual takes unethical ways to promote any website in search engines. It's quite risky method as chances are there that search engines can understand at any moments that you're trying to manipulate to achieve quick and effective results. If search engines can identify you then your site can get penalized and even banned!

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