Is good to pay for bringing our site in front in google or to follow SEO rules?

not good to pay, do properly seo work, your site ranking and keywords ranking will be increased.

actually u don't need to pay for bringing our site in front in google. But SEO is very important for increasing your keyword ranking.


SEO is the process that gets a website to the top of Google. There are On page factors and Off Page factors. Hire a good seo company and your website will get lots of targeted traffic.

Why pay if you can do this yourself man

I will not prefer you to pay start doing seo for yourself and get traffic to your site

Why do simply pay to bring your website. You can follow SEO Techniques, then your website will be top on Google. I follow 3 methods to improve ranking to my website such as Blog posting, Forum posting, Article submission. I have got good result by following these steps.

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