Hi friends
What is more beneficial using short tail or Long tail keywords in guest posts? and how should i use keywords variation?
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Use both. Long tail keywords have a targeted market while short tail ones are more general and takes some time to achieve top page rankings.

Start with long tail keywords first so that top page rankings can be achieved in three months or less. After that, aim for the short tail keywords.

Hi friends
What is more beneficial using short tail or Long tail keywords in guest posts? and how should i use keywords variation?
Waiting for your response.

When your business keyword or keywords phrase competition is very high, then it is advisable to use long tail keyword phrase for optimizing your website

in Long tail keyword competition is low and in Short tail keyword competition is high. Create keyword targeting content..

use only relevant short tail keywords

Pick primary keyphrase (short tail component) then, in addition, you can harnass the traffic from every related keyphrase variation imaginable. Things like synonymous keyphrases, abbreviations, acropnyms, altered verb tenses, altered prefixes and suffixes, plural forms, antonyms etc. all enforce your primary keyphrases by indicating that your content is intelligently written.

To flex your copywriting muscles, you can even get into linguistics a bit nowadays. I like use morphology whenever possible too enforce your primary keyphrase targets (invent new words by joining two or more others provided they become legitimately uniquely purposeful). In using the English language itself you develop rankings for secondary and auxiliary keyphrases (long tail component).

Example: SEO emcompasses both on-site and off-site ranking influences. The search engines reward intelligent, optimised writing. In search engine optimization (a form of Internet marketing), try to capitalize on the power of your web page's content.

Thanks friends for your response. I got the info i was looking for.

Having your keyword within the url can add quite a bit of weight to your page and can help with your rankings. You also don’t need to put ALL your keywords in your username. If you have a two word keyword phrase that you are wanting to rank for then even adding one of the words to your username is better than adding none. If my targeted keyword was ‘promotional pens’ then I could use ‘andypens’ or ‘andy-pens’ as my user name.Hence Short tail keywords are more better than Long Tail keywords.

depends upon your choosing keywords, high or low that not a matter. for example if you have choose the short tile keywords it will take much time to get SERP position but once your get fist position you will get more no of visitors.

If you choose long tile keywords it will take less time to get good position in search result but at the same you will received less no of visitors.

Both would be the way to go. The more keywords you target the more traffic you will get.

I prefer Long tail keywords than short tail keywords but both are great to use. Short tailed keywords only got a higher competition than others.

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