Tips and tricks are always used in internet marketing . please suggest me the best tips to make my site promoted .

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Tips and tricks are always used in internet marketing . please suggest me the best tips to make my site promoted .

Like any other type of marketing, conjure up innovative ways to stick out in a crowd. Strive for uniqueness, authoritativeness and make web pages for people (not search engines) that are pleasant to visit.


My suggestion would be analyzing your niches thoroughly and generate the most effective keywords to be used for promoting. Social media optimization is the same important issue as search engine optimization for marketing purpose, especially at the very beginning of a new site.

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try to build back link as much you can do. promote your site through social networking site.

The title tags are definitely the mainly chief SEO tags for any web site. If you can set your keywords in the foundation of the title tag, that improves the usefulness of those tags much more.

Try to create Micro blog and Lens, like Squidoo, Wordpress, blogger, its will get you google ranking very soon.... :) :)

SEO tips:

1. Sort Out Your Canonicalization

2. Keep Keyword Density and Your Title Tag

3. Directory Submissions

4. Optimize Your PageSpeed

there are many ways through which you can get higher ranks which even include search engine submission.

As a beginner, you should invest in two tools: scrapebox and article marketing robot. Once you get familiar with these two tools you will become familiar with what works and what doesn't. There is no quick way to get a higher pagerank. It's all about trial and error. Do what works for you and stick with it.

commented: recommedning black hat seo to a beginner +0

Start seo for your site and create Profils and add members for your site

One word: Scrapebox

what is scrapebox??

You should do SEO regularly to promote your site.Thanks for sharing.

Competition is the main thing in SEO which you should think about and then work accordingly.

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