we should Do it by hand. It will not take long to do and will ensure that you are successful in submitting each form with the correct information. There is a constant debate about how search engines feel about automated submission software. Since there is a reasonable chance these are frowned upon by the search engines, and since you can do anything they can do on your own, you might as well avoid them.

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Should I submit my website to the Search Engines by hand or use software?

It's usually by hand maybe a software but I never used a software to submit links. Unless there are software that does it. I don't know.

You can submit the websites link to Google Webmaster tools. It helps you in crawling in search engines.

It's better to submit site manually (by hand). Because no one knows when which site is going to be penalized.

I suggest you to submit your website manually in google webmaster tool. Thare are many chance to hit or banned your site when you submit site by automatic software.

I'd say manual submissions are the best idea. It does take a long time, but you can do it carefully and making sure you're not sending too many links at once. You can outsource this for someone who's usually doing it for a living, but you need to be careful to hire a good professional.

Dont go for any software as it would result in your website being spammed.Make sure the website is submitted manually.

Manually submission is good way to search engine submission.software submission is not goog for site.it can be spam.

Well, usually there is no need to submit your site to the search engine, Google spiders automatically came down to your site on regular basis for crawling.But even if you still want to submitt it to the search engines for crawling then what you can do is goto your google webmaster tool, make sure that you have submitted your sitemap, use the fetch as Google option and submit your site for indexing. Wait for a while and your site will gets crawled by the search engine spiders.

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