Hi everyone,

I am doing on page optimization for one my client but I want to change the URL of my website without effecting the other navigations in the webpage.

Here is the webpage that I need to be optimized


I need to change the above URL into


I mean there are many other pages of which I want to remove these extra words "/what-we-do/managed-services/" from the URL's.

Kindly help me by replying to my question with the required code to be used to resolve this issue.


There are ideal situations in SEO where everything is perfectly optimized, but if you already rank well, you could be better off leaving things alone. This is where consulting with a qualified SEO can be extremely valuable since it is a very case-by-case thing.

If you are getting very good ranking and traffic on the old pages then don't remove them, first create new pages and promote the new pages for the targeted keywords and when you will get the ranking on new pages then replace the old URL's to New

Use 301 redirection for replacing new URLs over the old ones. 301 redirection helps to maintain your backlinks pointed to your domain also...

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