Hi Everybody…
Please tell me something about no-follow link. is it useful or not regarding seo?

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Generally not.

I'm trouble with this same question, because when i have analyze my website competitor i have found something. please see this below..
In Google search engine when i search this keywords in .com "kolkata web design company" "acesoftech.com" see this website backlink all links he is made it from blogger website only. all links are no follow.

Here my question is. how it will come in top position?
or Google will consider no follow links also?

Google take its as simple text but they help in getting traffic.

it is worthless for google because google don't consider them as backlinks but yahoo count the no follow links as backlinks to the site so it is not helpful too :)

Google does count no follow link as backlinks but yahoo will definitely show no follow link on there site explorer also. No follow link just help you to improve your site SERP results.

"no Follow" that means Google does not crawl the "no follow" link. yes some times increase your traffic not more.

No follow links through you can improve your serp results..

No follow link are also considered as back link but they are useless and don't help increasing rank of your website.

I’ll explain what a no-follow link is. Nofollow is an HTML attribute value used to instruct some search engines that a hyper-link should not influence the link target’s ranking in the search engine’s index. This means that any link with the attribute ref=”nofollow” will not effect a site’s Page Rank or rankings.

Contrary to what the search engines state, there are tests conducted that suggest their spiders do follow nofollow links.

You can get backlinks through Nofollow links also. However, there will not be much affect in SERP. Google gives much importance on Dofollow links. Hence, try dofollow links and you will get treasonous result by it.

Hi Everybody…
Please tell me something about no-follow link. is it useful or not regarding seo?

Not no-follow links is not useful in SEO.Try to bring do-follow links to boost up your website's backlinks.

Nofollow links don't give backlinks. They are only helpful links to generate traffic.

Hi Everybody…
Please tell me something about no-follow link. is it useful or not regarding seo?

Usually search engines consider nofollow links but they don't give any weightage to
nofollow links in SERP. It may help you to improve pagerank

Google dpes not count no-follow as a back-link but yahoo count no-follow link as a back-link .

I really don't have the perfect side on this question. Because in some links that is no follow, I have backlinks but some do not... I really don't know...

Hi Everybody…
Please tell me something about no-follow link. is it useful or not regarding seo?

As per my knowledge, no follow links will not help in getting rank to the website, one way it will useful to get traffic for the site.

Howdy ellenwillss...If you are getting a no-follow backlink for your site from an authority or a high value site then no doubt it is a strong point for you. If your website's link is visible on a high quality site then it is beneficial for you and you will get more clicks. In all these are beneficial for traffic generation.

Yes of course useful but no follow links are only helpful for improving your website traffic, but do follow links are counted as backlinks and also helful to increase your website traffic.

a rel="nofollow" attribute on a link simply means Google *may* crawl the link, and count it as a link etc, but it will not pass anchor text or 'link juice' (page rank). nofollow simply means 'I cannot vouch for the legitimacy or relevance of the target URL'

here are my 2 cents:
Google is not the only search engine. always count bing, yahoo, Blekko, Yandex etc

many SEO companies used it to "SILO" the link structure. it is not used for SILO anymore, since it does pass link juice.

today, Google is asking webmasters to mark paid links with ref=”nofollow”

it is not used for SILO anymore, since it does pass link juice.

Just to clarify, it does not pass link juice - however the recent (as in within the past year or so) change that was made is that nofollow links are now included in the divisor for calculating the proportional link juice on the remaining links on a page. eg - 20 links, 5 of which are nofollow, would mean that each of the remaining 15 links pass 1/20 of the available link juice to the destination (more or less, in a nutshell), not including the various decay factors that are introduced.

NoFollow links are only beneficial for increasing traffic to your website. Nofollow is an HTML attribute which is used to instruct search engines not to follow the link which is associated with it.

As per my best knowledge I am saying that nofollow does not give backlinks but it gives traffic to your site. So nofollow link also useful for getting traffic. So do not avoid it.

No, Nofollow links don't give backlinks. They only help in getting traffic.

Yes they are useful and they are counted as a backlink...

Google does crawl No follow links its just that it dosen't give weightage to the link. And yes they do effect search engine results but very less than do follow links.

Search engines will crawl the “no follow” links, but it won’t consider as these links are proper backlinks.

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