I have blog which has 16.04 second page lode time. How can i reduce it? My blog does not have many images and java scripts. Please tell me guide me how can i reduce it?

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If your site doesn't have a lot of JavaScript or images, then most likely you need a more powerful web hosting plan. To find out where the bottleneck is, try http://www.webpagetest.org/

According to me, The problem of slow loading of your blog is definitely a result of slow work hosting provider. So just try to get rid of it and the quantity of images on the page is not a reason of slow page loading nowadays.

Use some tool for check website loading speed and some suggestion how to reduce it. Try webpagetest.org for that.

It could be slow hosting, the quanitity of images, or other reasons. You should try to keep your HTML structure clean and straight and your files should have small sizes. I remember another webmaster who just embedded the Google+ button on his site and afterwards had a lot of problems with load times ... This is something you should also consider (google+, facebook, twitter, ...)

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