Business leads from online sources.

What do you mean? For better business we're doing. May be it's differ for you.

SEO requirement is just quality work, make quality backlink, quality content.

What you want to ask clear your questen please

Some English knowledge and present mind will be enough for seo.

In SEO you just have to knowledge of internet and marketing.

Definition of SEO: Search Engine Optimization. That collection of techniques used to ensure the search engines, especially Google, can find and index your site. The techniques break down in several ways:

On-page and off page. Look on this forum for a LOT of information about these.

Black Hat versus White Hat.

- Black hat tecniques are those disapproved of by the search engines, especially Google, since they are designed to deceive the search engine into indexing something where it should not be indexed.  Black Hat techniques can get your site banned!

- White hat techniques are non-deceptive techniques.

- Grey Hat techniques are somewhere in the middle.  I have been unable to get a good handle on "Grey Hat" techniques, as they seem to vary by intent.

To get a good handle on SEO, go buy a "Complete Idiot's" or "... For Dummies" book on SEO. All the techies I know learn from those books after they have poked around a subject.

What are the requirements of Search Engine Optimization

You don't need special training or techniques,you just have the ability and willingness to learn it's basic,and not be afraid to ask for help.

I agreed with you mafuz62 but please mention that you must follow the Google search engine rule for batter SEO.

good knowlegde, having the ability to choose the good key word and appropriate key word are he basic requirment but there are lot still more..

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