I want to know does this recession period is really going to affect SEO services?

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I want to know does this recession period is really going to affect SEO services?

I think so. More people are going to opt to learn SEO and do their own SEO just to save money. You may find also that clients will be a little more involved and scrutinize what SEOs are doing. If only to ensure that they are getting bang for their buck

Yes, also many companies are using/subscribing to SEO paid tools in order to make decisions in-house.

I think mostly that SEO itself is changing. It must be about 50% of web designers that consider themselves skillful in SEO; although the only SEO these paint-by-number artists are familiar with is link building related. Webdesigners almost always list SEO as one of their services nowadays. Mainstream SEO is becoming messed up too. You can be a world class optimiser and yet have very little actual search engine optimization skill, if any. Then there's the consumer, he doesn't have a clue what SEO skills to look for when employing a search engine optimizer. It's twisted up pretty good in this industry, recession or not.

Look at how many SEOs come here and can't spell a simple sentence or they send their burpings through translators and shit out stuff very similar to English. Digesting more than a pararaph of this regurgitation is enough to make a billy goat puke. Yep, that's where SEO is going today, linking the crap outa' whatever the online translator pisses out.

I think most of the recession period is over till date and you are asking this question today? Yes, the jobless people are more today but recession is not that much as it was the day when Lemon Bro Bank was bankrupted.

Don't bother and work as much as you can.

Yes, most people want to save money and do all the thing possible by themselves and have discovered that SEO is not as difficult as many people say.

...SEO is not as difficult as many people say.

You obviously know little about search engine optimization. It is not easy. Link schemes are easy but SEO requires skill when in competitive environments. Maybe you are confusing the skillsets between linking strategists with those demanded from search engine optimizers.

SEO requires precision and attention to detail. It requires advance HTML coding capabilities. It requires the ability to properly assess and eliminate keyphrase competitors. In search engine optimization, you have to know a great deal about marketing, the psychology of the qualified visitor and alot more about web design and how to optimize the various web page components. SEOs need to understand the search engines and offer both the Internet visitor and the search engine a rewarding presentation. No, SEO is not easy. Link building is easy.

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