Does bad link neighborhood is the past of black hat SEO or something else? If u know about this then please share you information with me. Thanks in advanced.

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A "bad neighborhood" are sites like link farms and low quality directories that are very spammy. A link from one of those sites to your webpage can have a negative effect on your SEO instead of positive one. A lot of blackhat SEOs who are just trying to make a quick buck will have their clients linked from bad neighborhoods and charge for the backlinks.

Link farms and all spammy tactics. Its best to go the right way and do white hat seo.

Lot of links on your web page,which is not useful for your web page or website .These links are negative effect on your website ranking.This is bad link neighborhood.

So to keep the answer short, a bad link neighborhood is any group of links that has a negative impact on your overall ranking with in the SEO world.

White hat SEO and Black hat SEO just a thin line to cross !!!

If you find that a bad neighborhood site has a link pointing to your site that is damaging your rankings - is there a way to block or not accept the link from the bad neighborhood site?

I have this situation and have repeatedly tried to contact the site owners and they have not removed the link to my site. This has caused my site to drop from first page of Google to 14th page.

some people are doing black heat seo and also getting result on search engine.

As others have it is.Lol. Use white hat SEO whenever possible.

It should not be treated as black hat technique but it certainly would not provide you much help too as you are placing on such page that has lots of links from other niche and of very low quality websites so you should avoid getting such backlinks and should focus only on quality backlinks from quality websites related to your niche as when it comes to backlinks

Bad neighborhood not only drops your rankings but it also effects your site's reputation infront of search engines.

Placing you links on irrelevant websites or forums, websites that contain porn links or other irrelevant links, that be consider as bad neighborhood.

" bad link neighborhood is the past of black hat SEO,Bad link neighborhood refers to linking to sites that offer illegal content. Illegal content are content that promote negative influences such as cigarette".

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