Google News, which has long relied on automation to deliver news content from countless providers, has announced a twist in its algorithm: It will now recognize "featured" content among the tens of thousands of stories it delivers every day.

yep the Google new news tags help us to show our article with “Featured” label on the home page and news Search result. The syntax of news tag is,
<ink rel=”standout” href=“your article” />

They change there algorithms pretty frequently. Good Post!

My all sites are gone down, what should i do now?

thanks for letting us know about this.
i have a doubt whether to use it in my website as its not a news portal,its a business website.please suggest.Thanks

It is a good news google change algorithms.....

Thanks CSCgal for the correction
Also anybody can answer my previous post,it will be great.I am a bit confused whether to use it in my website

My all sites are gone down, what should i do now?

the major reason of falling down web sites ranking is google panda make sure you have a qualitative and original content if you have some duplicate content or spun articles delete them and start link building again :)

Good news. Google change its algo.

Good information. Google is frequently changing its algo. Scary, isn't it?

It is good that google has changed it algorithm. As last google has done this in jan,11 and then after now in sep. As for providing more quality and relevant result to user for their search , google used to make updation in algorithm.

now a days Google use to change its algo very frequently.. dnt understand , why

good post thanks for the update!

Good luck guys getting to the top again. Remember, quality content is important.

Thanks for the algo change update. Last time this happened my traffic decreased though, I hope this update will have the opposite affect this time around.

Yeah they are changing their algorithm like 10 times this year only.

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